Branding Is A Powerful Tool Essay

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Branding is a powerful tool in positing your product. Branding is valuable when customers are determining a product to buy. Customers select products from the package design and the style of the writing presented on the product. The brand positioning that Target will be focusing on is Quality Positioning. Quality positioning can be used with any other brand marketing strategy. Consumers would want to know that our products and service are durable, reliable, and if they are worth the cost. We want to provide our consumers with the best quality products so they will keep coming back to buy from Target. In today society product, distribution, pricing and promotion must consider online and offline buyers. Product promotions are viable for a business to succeed in the marketplace. Managers must be willing to adapt and change to cultural needs and changing media environments. As a new company in Cuba, Target should change their promotion strategy frequently to keep and gain new customers. Promotions strategies such as; advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling activities are necessary to a marketing strategy. Sales promotion will be effective in a low-income economy. Target would adapt a Buy- One-Get-One-Free promotion where a customer buy a product and get one free. Another, sales promotion would be a free-gift promotion which means with every product a customer buys they can gain points for a free-gift. Target’s products can vary from food, clothes, electronics,
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