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Which two retailers have the strongest image and equity in your mind? Think about the brands they sell. Do they help to contribute to the equity of the retailer? Conversely, how does the retailer’s image help the image of the brands itself?

Retailers became the new way of selling and offer products to the market. Consumers are realizing that different type of brands could be found in retail stores in a much more convenient offer. In the market-place, brands have decided to open their opportunities by associating themselves with retailers to have another of providing their products. Nowadays, two retailers that are being highly recognized and visited are: TJMAXX and Dick’s Sporting Goods. The reason why these two
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As to ask whether this could or not help the retailer’s equity, consumers are the ones who judge if a business is having success or not. Retailers don’t choose brands randomly; they do it by analyzing how they can improve the sale of a specific product. What retailers do is to adjust the price of a product in order to gain more sales. Creating secondary associations in this fashion maybe quite important if the corresponding brand associations are deficient in some way.
As mentioned, a retailer’s image can be damaged by the products they sell but, conversely, a brand’s image can be also affected by the retailer’s action. For example, if a customer buys a product in TJMAXX, and this one is damaged, he or she would blame this retailer and, unconsciously, the customer’s mind would think of this brand not to be recommendable. Which means, that the retailer is the one responsible for its sales regardless the brand’s image. When they link the brand to other entities with their own set of associations, consumers may expect that some of these same associations also characterized the brand.
In conclusion, a brand has some type of pressure by letting retailer’s sale their goods. Otherwise, retailers have to understand that they are offering the brand’s image to public. This is why they need to be aware of any type of circumstances when a customer would not be pleased with the

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