Branding and Market Segmentation

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1.0 Introduction Over the past long period, products and brands continue proliferate. A good analysis and understanding of brand value and market segmentation is more essential than ever. Based on the theory of brand, product, market segmentation and target, a new product will be developed in the market to improve company’s performance and make profit. The information generated from this report is used for strategic planning, resource allocation and tactical marketing. 2.0 Branding What is a brand? It has been asserted (Kennedy, 2012) that, a brand collects name, symbol, design, logo and term together, intended to identifies and differentiates a product or service. Consumers regard brands as an essential element of the…show more content…
a) Features: High quality of cocoa Contains no added preservative Entrance namely slide Heart-shaped Special taste: no sweet without sweat Low caloric b) Style: brightly package color attracts focus c) Quality: The product uses original black chocolate and milk to create a bitter and sweet taste. d) Brand name: Dove Chocolate e) Packaging: a piece package of 80g. 3. Augmented product Economy pack can be bought for saving the frequent delivery time and fees. 3.1 Brand elements Brand elements consists many factors, including the name, logo, symbols, design, packaging and performance of a product or service. First of all, choosing a brand name for a product is important from a promotional perspective, due to the brand name communicates the significance and feature. A “good” brand stretching strategy is one where the brand name aids the extension, however, a fine brand extension improve the brand name as well (Aaker, 1991). Moreover, today’s communication is not just about names or words. It is often instant and graphic. So creating a powerful brand symbols could usually say more than words. It is called trademarks or ‘the mark of a trade’, which expresses a company or product as an element, word or design (Belch et al, 2009). A logo is a kind of trademark that symbolizes the brand and comes up in all brand

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