Branding and Recruiting

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Part 1 - Branding is a story given from the organization to the consumer, or information it is the sum of all the information about a product, service, or organization used to communicate a certain image or relationship to the public (Valette-Florence,, 2011). Brand personality is a set of human characteristics associated with a particular brand the way the brand behaves if it were a human entity. For instance, we tend to see the Marlboro Man as masculine, the Virginia Slims woman as feminine; IBM as older and establishment, Apple as younger and hip; Coke conforms, Pepsi is for a new generation. Brand personalities, much like humans, are built overtime. It is important because it refers to the outcome of the consumer's total experience with the brand. Thus, in the consumer's mind, the brand personality merges over time to form an overall concept of what they might expect. McDonald's, Apple, Levis, Nike, etc. all have this emotional and ethereal feeling that transcends their current marketing message and becomes iconic (Wheeler, 2006; Valette-Florence). Research shows that the brand experience is the dominant variable in the psychology of consumer perception. Consumers want to believe that the brand is much more than a logo or symbol their cognitive faculties allow the brand personality to become an extension of the way they view themselves and want the world to view them. For example, Starbucks is much more than a brand of coffee: it is an experience of belonging to
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