Branding in Health Care

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Assess the value of branding in health care. Specifically, under what circumstances do you feel that it is beneficial for health care organizations to use branding?
Branding has been successfully practiced by consumer packaged goods companies for decades. But only recently have health care organizations begun to embrace this concept and hence, few of the well developed brands exist. Branding is beneficial for health care organizations because the rewards of branding can be great as it provides an opportunity to truly assess the needs of their members, develop capabilities to meet those needs and more effectively communicate the ability to meet those needs. To develop a strong brand, hospital executives must gauge the brand from the
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For the $50 billion healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente, the problem lay in the “Soviet-like” reputation it had earned for limited accessibility across its health system before. Fixing this problem was part of Kaiser’s huge investment in Information Technology infrastructure, which encompassed medical records and a system making it easier to select a doctor and schedule appointments. It also facilitated the referral process making Kaiser ahead when it comes to technological advancement. Increasing technology has spurred this consumer choice, forcing hospitals to use branding to maintain success in highly competitive environments. Consumers embrace this type of business strategy as the kind of corporate identity and image making principles that have built America's greatest brand names (Greenawalt, B.J. 2001,).Consumers are given more control now than ever before in being involve with their healthcare. As patients assume more active roles in healthcare decisions, hospital executives should make branding a top priority, according to the new issue of healthcare marketing. With an active brand strategy, hospitals can align physicians and staff with the hospital's mission and identity, as well as make communications consistent. Meanwhile, patients are choosing health insurers based on brand reputation. That should signal a warning to hospitals that they need to strengthen their brands to attract patients in today's competitive healthcare environment. "More than ever

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