Brandon Duong. Professor Wetrick. English 1B. 8 February

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Brandon Duong
Professor Wetrick
English 1B
8 February 2017 Video Games and Youth Violence Media has portrayed violent video games as the root cause for violence and school shootings, but is it really? Violent video games are predominate in the industry of gaming with consumers being primarily children. Furthermore, as the sales of video games increase studies have shown that violence has actually decreased in younger consumers. There are many studies performed on children to truly test these accusations made against video games and violence. Many people believe that playing video games will lead you down a path of anger and evil, but this isn’t the truth at all playing video games doesn’t have to lead you to becoming a villain to
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But Dr. Elizabeth Carll, who helped this study, wanted to clear up the confusion, "the resolution did not state that there was a direct causal link to an increase in teen violence as a result of playing videogames” (Flanagan). “Constant news coverage leaves the impression that youthful crime is increasing”(Olson) news stories continue to slaughter the idea that people who play games are just normal people in society and not just antisocial, angry people sitting in their mom’s basements. Olson presents, “Some have referred to a "wave of violence gripping America 's youth," fueled by exposure to violent media. Using data supplied to the FBI, the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention reported that the rate of juvenile arrests increased in the late 1980s, peaking in 1994. Juvenile arrests declined in each of the next 7 years” (Olson) with this data presented by the Federal Bureau of Intelligence people are displaying even less aggressive tendencies especially children who are exposed to video games. It is not just the information going unbelieved, but also the studies have been discredited alongside the idea of video games are getting worse as media continues to slander players for aggressive actions and shut-in traits. "From the present body of literature, there 's nothing that supports a relationship between violent videogame playing and aggression—not correlational or
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