Brandwashed, Martin Lindstrom (Zoom in- Zoom out) Essay

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“By uniting us against a common enemy, fear also brings humans together. It has a preserve yet delicious binding quality. It's for this reason that we love to spread fearful rumors, sometimes blowing them out of all proportion just to heighten the sense of danger." (33. Brandwashed) Zoom In: In this passage, Martin Lindstrom denotes a method used by big corporations and advertising companies that literally scares people into buying things. Lindstrom explains that "uniting us against a common enemy, fear also brings humans together", which is a stark statement, but definitely not an inconceivable one. This is such interesting prose, because when we humans feel afraid, the last thing we are thinking about is how united we are. We…show more content…
Simply put by Lindstrom, the company totally blew the CDC's statement "out of all proportion just to heighten the sense of danger". This example is really captivating, because it sheds light on a situation that most people would never question. It really shows how big corporations are using fear to provoke emotions, which lead us to buying thing in order to once again feel safe. Zoom Out: Does fear really sell? Everyone is afraid of something but regardless of what that is, there is no doubt that fear sells. Since few products actually solve a person’s fears but rather placate fear temporarily, brands that effectively evoke feelings related to fear can establish long-term relationships with consumers who think they won’t be safe unless they keep buying the brand. Anyone who pays for any kind of insurance is proof that fear sells for a long, long time. You choose to buy life insurance; because you are afraid of your family’s well being once you are gone. There are so many ways to portray messages of fear, and that’s why it’s used in so many diverse industries to sell both products and services. For example, the sunscreen industry shifted its messaging from helping people get the darkest possible tans, to helping people avoid getting skin cancer. By using a message that elicits feelings of fear in consumers’ minds, sunscreen brands turned what could have been a brand disaster into a brand opportunity. “Cutting your
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