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Belinda Taylor
Strayer University
October 19, 2011
Health Financial Management- HSA 525
Instructor- Dr. Forbes
Assignment # 1

1. Construct a Brandywine’s Income Statement. [pic]

This income statement summarizes the company’s performance during 2007. It reflects how much money the company brought in as revenues, how much spent on expenses, and the difference between the two is the net income profit. All figures above are in terms of millions. Excel rounded the depreciation value which was 1.5 to 2 and net income of 1.5 to 2 as well which gave total expense of 11 which is actually 10.5 million. I will attempt to explain the major components of this Income
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According to Gapenski 2008, the cash method is the process by which an economic event is recognized when a cash transaction actually takes place. It is considered simple and easy to use. Some might want to use this method when just starting a small business. Cash accounting does a good job of tracking cash flow, but does a poor job of matching revenues earned with monies laid out for expenses (Epstein, 2011). The accrual method is recognized when an obligation is created. This method is considered more complicated, yet it provides a better picture of true economic status of a business. Most would say that this is the preferred method according to generally applied accounting principles (Gapenski, 2008). It has two key components such as the revenue recognition that requires that revenues be recognized in the period in which it was earned while the matching principle requires that an organization’s expenses be matched with revenues in which it is connected to. One might want to use this principle once a small business has gotten on its feet. The accrual method does a good job of matching revenues and expenses, but it does a poor job of tracking cash (Epstein, 2011). Because you record revenue when the transaction occurs and not when you collect the cash, your income statement can look profitable even if you don 't have cash in the bank (Epstein, 2011). 5. Explain the difference

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