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Hypothesis …Slide 4
Evidence …Slide 5
Background …Slide 6
Market Report …Slide 7-9

Tipha …Slide 23-25
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Current Market Position …Slide 10-12

Competitive Analysis …Slide 1317

SWOT …Slide 18-19
Financial Analysis …Slide 20
Management …Slide 20
Operational …Slide 21
Ethical …Slide 21

Proposed Solutions …Slide 2234

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Executive Summary

Brannigan Food’s Soup Division is struggling with multiple issues: declining sales volume
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Small competitors are entering the market 

Offering innovation in terms of flavors and convenience  Gaining popularity specifically Asian and Mexican


Primed for a buyout are:
 Roarin Cajun Foods
 Brothers Gourmet
 Red Dragon Foods

Private label soups present a clear and present danger of growing market share
Private label soups have been increasing by 5% over the last several years
Retail outlets are decreasing Brannigan’s allotted shelf space by roughly 3% to make room for increased private label sales SWOT

Current Market leader
High Brand awareness
Canned coups are a strong part of the retail food market Large revenues allow the possibility for either new product development or acquisitions Can offer lower pricing then competition due to economies of scale


Decrease in sales over the last three years
Not strong in innovating new flavors
Need to target new market segments
Branningan is not adapting to changing market trends (health concerns) SWOT

Innovate new products in line with consumer demands


Could boost sales 3-4%

Create new solutions like dry soups to maximize revenue per square inch for retailers (180% boost in revenue per inch)
Develop new flavors or acquire competition Expand market share through retailers Expand with regional flavors
Expand portfolio to offer healthier options

Private Labels are growing steadily

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