Branson's Leadership Model

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He uses both his life and Virginia brand to elaborate his leadership skills which is not based on any professional skills. Over the years, he is seen to recruit the best managers. Leadership is one of the strategies and strategic management. It includes planning for informal, formal and strategic planning systems by the leader. It has planning for emergent strategies, which include; responsiveness to arising threats and opportunities, increasing of changes to predetermined intended strategies, and adaptive learning and responsiveness to intended strategies. The Branson's model includes visionary leadership, which is planning, for the future. Competitiveness and competitive advantage for business services and products are dependent on strategic plans. Branson does not believe in market research he instead believes in his instinctive feelings. These feelings come from discussions with the customers. Richard chose workers from the look of faces if fitted according to him then he could give someone something to do; qualifications and experience were irrelevant. Brandon encourages charismatic relationship between the head and the followers, hence empowering the leader. This helps the followers to have self determination, have, strong self, concepts and find meaning in their work. Branson does not expect blind…
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