Branson's Leadership Style

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Sir Richard Branson Leadership: The personal styles of leaders vary depending on the personality, and strengths of these leaders. The differences in personal styles are evident in the fact some leaders are extraverted and loud while others tend to be analytical and subdued. In several organizations in the modern society, leadership has developed to become more than position as these firms expect and seek for more. In the past two decades, Sir Richard Branson has been a common household name in the United Kingdom and a well respected businessman across the globe. He is widely known as the founder of Virgin Group, a company that produces cellular phones, record labels, airlines, and other business endeavors. In contrast, Branson is also known for his exceptional character and leadership style who believes that people as the basis for Virgin's success and doesn't fear taking risks. As a result of his exceptional character and leadership style, the company's leadership and management approaches have always received media coverage for its efficiency and track record of success. Branson's Leadership Style: As previously mentioned, Sir Richard Branson is one of most intriguing, enduring, and successful entrepreneurial business leaders across the globe. In addition to being the founder of Virgin Group, Branson has not only established a unique background but he has also adopted an exceptional leadership approach. These unique attributes have also been accompanied by his

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