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Brasil Foods Case Strategy Map | Consolidate Domestic Foothold | Measure Target | Initiative Budget | Financial | - BRF owns 77% of domestic revenue generated from food retailers. - BRF needs to invest in selling a wider variety of food services in order to grow their market share and generate more revenue domestically. | Measure: Growth in domestic market share and revenue.Target: Incur gradual growth in revenue to sustain a revenue increase from the domestic market by targeting smaller chain locations in the metropolitan areas. | Initiative: Continue to increase in their market share expansion plans by growing revenues and profits compared to previous years. Budget: Moderate; BRF has been providing food materials to…show more content…
| Measure: Implementing business processes and systems worthy of being conducted by BRF (or the two companies separately).Target: Use the pros of both companies and try to eliminate the cons (aka business processes and system adjustments). | Initiative: Efficiency and productivity is key in the companies to achieve their set out merged goals under BRF. Budget: Medium; Considering the amount of time it might take to combine data from both companies with different systems may result in a new system being built, requiring some investment by BRF. Business processes have to be picked and sorted into a new bracket from which optimization of results can be observed quarterly. Elimination of bad/negative business processes are key, and thus this will also require some investment by BRF to figure out. Thus, a good chunk of an investment needs to be made. | Learning & Growth (People) | - A key issue to the success of BRF is the combination of the two sets of employees from Perdigao and Sadia.- Collaboration that is positive and without a rival culture will propel BRF in achieving its set out goals. | Measure: Surveys done to evaluate the whole morale in the working environment and their satisfaction. Feedback could also be approached, but anonymously. Target: Create a positive working environment that will be a proud part of BRF instead of their prior companies. | Initiative: In order to maintain its high standing in
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