Brave (Disney) Reaction Paper

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Words of Merida: I Hate the Tedious.
Thesis Statement In accordance to the movie Brave (2012), the identity of a woman in a society is defined or determined by gender stereotypes and status of the same society where she lives and because the woman is different from man, she should not do the things that man does. In the movie, Merida is expected to become a proper lady when she grows up and there are certain rules and protocols that she needs to follow in order to awaken the lady in her. Though in the movie, Queen Elinor can rule, King Fergus has greater authority than her. The story shows how the ancient Scottish society portrays the lives of women during that time.

What a Woman Should Portray in a Society In the movie, a lady should
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The movie really shows that women can do a lot of things and these things are usually male dominated areas.

Out of Self Situations Suddenly, times come when we have to go to our other self. Queen Elinor was still as elegant even though she became a bear. Why is that? Even though she became a bear, a lady must be a lady. She was never shown to be good in martial arts but when Mor’du attacked her daughter, all of her grace and elegance vanished. Her bear-self and love of family aroused thus fighting Mor’du in a fierce way. On a similar event, Merida still shrieked like a typical princess when she was almost devoured by Mor’du. This may be stupid to point out but the actions that were given may imply to something as not as Brave as we thought Merida would be. These two examples are too out of character thus it needs to be pointed. These actions imply something higher which may be a key in understanding a person’s individuality and personality in a given society because the society contributes to the actions of these two people. Or, the movie lacks consistency when it comes to Merida, not saving herself instead of the action of her mother. If she was seen with male attributes such as strength, as seen when she climbed Fire Falls, why can’t she save herself using the fighting techniques that she learned? Maybe, the movie is trying to tell us that a woman and a man still need help when time comes regardless of position or gender.

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