Brave New World: A Struggle Between the Genius and the Mediocre

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After the publishing of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, modern literature has changed forever. It is considered a masterpiece and one of the pillars of the dystopian novel. However, both of those affirmations can be called into question. The former based on a subjective opinion of a reader and the latter through compromising its dystopian nature. Similarly to George Orwell’s novels, the main appeal of Brave New World is within the ideas it contains, not within its literary merits. Huxley’s talent is essentially composed of his ideas and the attitude he assumes towards the problems he presents. He took full advantage of his endowment in Brave New World Revisited, a non fiction work sequel to Brave New World. The sequel is devoid of a…show more content…
Aldous Huxley himself seems to be more concerned with the scientific aspect of Brave New World than with literary techniques and qualities. In a later edition of his novel, he expressed his opinion that: "One vast and obvious failure of foresight is immediately apparent, Brave New World contains no reference to nuclear fission." Evidently, he pondered the topic of Brave New World over and over and was not afraid to admit his faults. This utterly scientific approach is illustrated by his formulation of the sequel, Brave New World Revisited. Clearly Huxley must have seen Brave New World as more than just a literary fiction novel, if he was so persistant he felt the need to recapitulate all his ideas after almost thirty years and furthermore, abandon the literary fiction. Having said that, it must be acknowledged that if Brave New World would have been written as a non fiction work, a scientific essay for example, it would have never been able to spread to the extent it did as a novel. That is a motive possibly explaining Huxley’s choice of genre. But does someone who does not care about science deserve to enjoy the merits of scientific prognosis? Whether such person does or does not deserve it is controvertible to judge, therefore whether the motive was justifying Huxley’s decision or not can be disputed. But Brave New World could only profit from being refined for less general audience. One of the most interesting elements in Brave New World is the

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