Brave New World And A Modest Proposal Analysis

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For all of time people comprised of evil ideologies have inhabited the earth, lurking in the shadows of the honest people in the world. Despite the suffering of others, power and personal gain is the ultimate goal of these corrupt human beings. Through the lens of new criticism, the two pieces of literature, Brave New World and “A Modest Proposal,” use literary devices such as imagery and diction in order to develop a theme which relates to this proposition that many human beings are consumed by the evils of the world because both stories deal with personal gain and power even if it calls for the suffering of others. While this is true, psychoanalytical criticism views each story from a curious mindset, picking apart the minds of everyone involved and bringing their motivations to surface. Therefore, the story, the authors, and the characters of these stories are understood to have both corrupt and honest mindsets. In the pieces of literature titled Brave New World and “A Modest Proposal”, the authors use imagery in order to give a clear view of the similar themes which prove that people will go to extremes for power and personal gain. In Brave New World Aldous Huxley utilizes imagery to better explain his point to the reader by developing a descriptive image in the reader’s mind of this dehumanized society. John scolds himself for having thoughts that favor the World State’s ideologies. However, John is only portraying himself like those citizens with whom he relates

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