Brave New World As A Dystopian Society

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Brave New World was written by Aldous Huxley in 1932. The novel was originally published in 1932 to Harper and Brothers, Publishers and copyrighted the same year. The novel is a dystopian science fiction and is 259 pages. The story creates an industrious view of society that is draws from the rise in mass production at the time it was written. These factors set up the basis of the dystopian society created by Huxley. Brave New World is set in London, World State or the United Kingdom, in the year 2540 or A.F. 632. The novel is told from a third-person omniscient point of view that tells the story surrounding several different characters. The novel has several different main characters including Lenina Crowne, Bernard Marx, and John the…show more content…
It is explained here how the catses are used to ensure order and maintain a need for labourers that keep the cycle in place. The D.H.C. is also introduced along with Lenina and Bernard. Lenina who is fascinated by Bernard and embarks on a short romance with him that leads to their trip to the New Mexico Savage Reservation.When getting his permit for the trip from the Director, Bernard is told of how the Director had been there and left behind a beta-minus girl when she had gotten lost. The Director the threatens Bernard with being transferred to Iceland upon his return. Upon his arrival in New Mexico Bernard calls his friend Helmholtz Watson who tells him that Iceland was more than a threat. Once the couple reach the reservation they observe the savages and bare witness to an sacrifice said to help with agriculture. Lenina cannot endure this sight and is desperate for her drugs called “soma” and then meets John the Savage for the first time. This begins the rising action where Bernard realises that Linda, John’s mother, is the same girl that the Director had left in the reservation and that John was his son. Bernard brings both back to London and uses them to take down the Director and change his position in society from outcast to an idol. Linda begins to consume mass amounts of soma to cope with her depression and shortens her life from years to months. Meanwhile, John had
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