Brave New World Book Report

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The scene begins at the Central London Hatchery in the year 632 After Ford. A guided tour is taking place, explaining the process of how a human is made. It’s a new age, and humans no longer are created by viviparous reproduction; in Brave New World, humans are made on an assembly line. People in this world are divided up into five social classes- Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons, ranging from the highest caste to the lowest, respectively. The fetuses are developed in little jars that follow a conveyor belt for their caste. Each caste is exposed to different elements to strengthen or weaken the fetuses within the jars, for example, the lower three castes are deprived of oxygen to keep the individuals of that class smaller and…show more content…
When Lenina and Bernard arrive at the Reservation, they listen to a boring speech about the savages, and Bernard calls Helmholtz to tell him to turn off the tap in his apartment. He is warned that The Director is serious about exiling Bernard, leaving him very frightened and confused. The two meet a man named John who lives on the Reservation. Story has it, however, that his mother actually came from the outside world- she wasn’t from the Reservation. She was visiting and injured herself but was saved by the savages. After finding out that she was pregnant with John, she knew she could never return back to the real world. The connection and importance here though is that the mother of John, Linda, was actually the woman that The Director went to the reservation with so many years ago, and John was his son. John, in his world, was an outcast. He was looked down upon because of Linda’s origin and innate promiscuity she developed while she was a child in conditioning. Bernard offers for John and Linda to go back to England with him, and of course they accept. Bernard gets permission to take John and Linda back with him because the people in the real world would find them very valuable, especially those of the scientific community. Meanwhile, at the Central London Hatchery, The Director is conjuring up plans on how to toast Bernard Marx. He decides to publicly fire him so the others will learn that his behavior is intolerable. But when Bernard shows up
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