Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

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In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley writes about a dystopian society consisting of consumerism and happiness. This society strictly relies on its rules and provides a narrow way of thinking in life. When John is introduced in the book, he possesses knowledge of a Indian civilization unlike Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson. In this strange civilization, John learned old English from Shakespeare and Christianity, which are ousted in the World States. Because of his knowledge of this information, he is shunned from the new society he is not used to. This alienation pushes him out separating his views of life and the government’s views. In Brave New World, Huxley alienates John and his forbidden knowledge, preventing to upset the World…show more content…
Therefore, the two civilizations sees life in two different views. The reservation contains uncivilized people, unknown religion, old people, undeveloped land. The World States contains soma, sex, consumerism, Ford-ism, young life, technological advancement. Two completely opposite cultures mixed into the book. When Bernard Marx brings him to his home, John begins to initiate a bad influence over many characters. He possesses too many forbidden concept and ideas, which forces him to break the World State’s rules and regulation. By breaking the rules, John causes a disruption to the government. As a result, he could bring the destruction of the World States. John is alienated when he enters the World States. He offers a different perspective in life than the citizens of the World States, which astonishes them. Because of this different perspective, John does not comprehend the rules of the new world he lives in now. Without understanding the their laws and what is forbidden, John is ostracized and alienated from the citizens born into the World State’s system. John starts, “But aren’t you shortening her life by giving her so much”(154)? John asks the doctor if he is giving the correct dose of soma to his sick mother, Linda. This quote from John clearly shows that John questions life in the city, especially an official doctor. To be a Doctor, one must understand the rules and
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