Brave New World Education System Analysis

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In Huxley’s Brave New World, the education system is used to control the population and make people do what they are supposed to do from the beginning. “People believe in God because they are conditioned to believe in God.” (Huxley) They know this, so they condition people in to believe their caste system is great. They create caste systems from when they are born and treat everyone from the same caste the same, education wise and in conditioning. Each caste has a completely different educational system because they are completely different. This makes it so you learn what you need to know and nothing else. You won’t want to learn anymore, and you wouldn’t explore options since they put you where you need to be from the start.
In Brave New World and the world, education is going to the same way. In Brave New World it seems extreme and has it, so people’s fate is predetermined before they are even born. People may not be predetermined before birth yet but they are predetermined before they completed their education and by test scores and grades and other factors. These tests are the same for everyone and not case by case. The classes are for everyone and not case by case. People push kids into groups to take certain classes and to choose their career pathway early so they can achieve their goal. If they don’t choose early they will be stuck with what is left because they didn’t get their classes in and they are behind the people that choose earlier.
One of the world’s
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