Brave New World: Embrace Misfits?

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Embrace misfits? People in today's society tend to be "normal" and have a place to "fit" into our society. However, there are those who are "abnormal" and do not "fit". In today's social order, it is "normal" for those who "fit" and those who do not "fit" to co-exist. In the novel Brave New World, those who do not "fit" are cast out onto an island far away from civilization. Those who are cast out are referred to as misfits. Looking at Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World as a guide, should we embrace or shun the misfits in our own world? When a world is manipulated it is insufficient and flawed since those who have created it are imperfect. There are different types of misfits in the book Brave New World. They represent and…show more content…
Her room mate Fanny remarks "They say somebody made a mistake when he was still in the bottle – thought he was a gamma and put alcohol into his blood-surrogate. That's why he's so stunted."(Huxley 46) Bernard must deal with the defect of not being proper height. This causes him to have less sex and be mocked by other citizens who fit in. Bernard becomes a rebel when he thinks against the order of the world state. When the Character refuses to take the soma, he is overwhelmed with bad feelings and a sense of self-consciousness that restricts his performance in the world state. Secondly, another physical outcast in Brave New World is Linda, a beta female who gets pregnant and forgotten about in a reservation. On the reservation, she had become old and unpleasantly overweight. When she returns to the world state students are frightened and disgusted by her. When her physical appearance causes her a sense of unhappiness she takes an over dose amount of soma and kills herself. Thirdly, her child John, kills himself in the end of the novel. He is also a misfit due to his natural birth. When he lives on the reservation, he is an outcast because he is not of the aboriginal race. In hopes that he will be accepted into the world state John says "Oh brave new world that has such people in it. Let's start at once"(Huxley 141). John believes that in the world state he will find his

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