Brave New World Identity Essay

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Brave New World is a book that revolves around the cultural elements of “Community, Identity, Stability” (1). That motto is something that holds true for the many average lives that partake in the New World community and can even apply to the Reservations that are explained throughout the book. However, there is an exception to this motto and that exception is John the Savage. John is truly an outsider in both cultures, for many different, yet similar, ways. He is caught between two extremely different worlds, worlds of which he isn’t accepted as normal. He tends to stick with the identity that he created on the Reservation, which revolves around Shakespeare and the acts of the other Savages, and, when entering the New World, he is truly faced with a cultural collision, which ultimately leads to his demise. John’s responses to this battle between cultural beliefs proves how inhumane the New World truly is, mainly because of conditioning. True love in the New World is something that is completely foreign to the majority of the machine minds of the people who live there and is…show more content…
He fought for change and development, as well as the freedom of the people who don’t even know that they are imprisoned by their controllers. His identity guided him to do that, to fight for change. However, the Controllers have different ideas in mind, as Mustapha Mond informs John that,”we don’t want change. Every change is a menace to stability. That’s another reason we’re so chary of applying new inventions” (Huxley 224-225). Change and development is an integral part of life, even for John. He may have never acted in such ways that he did if it weren’t for reading and the development of his own mind. He had an opportunity that many in the New World don’t and that is the freedom to develop and expand his horizons of thinking, which is a freedom that everyone
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