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Back in the 1930's when "Brave New World" was published, no body dreamt that world of science fiction would ever come into reality. Surely there must have been a time though when a machine that could wash clothes too, seemed like science fiction. That machine has come into reality though. With today's technology and already seeing how far we've advanced scientifically, who's to say we

couldn't push further. For that reason, it's believable that the "Brave New World" could come into reality.

One scientific advancement our world has begun studying and mastering, that brings us closer to realizing a B N W reality, is cloning. This process is very much like the Bokanovsky process in "Brave New World." In the B N W The Director of
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This is just one piece of evidence that shows how this world is coming closer to paralleling the B N W.

Not all proof that we are coming into this reality is scientific, some of it is emotional. People in this day are becoming very aware of the feelings of their fellow man. No one in this world or the B N W wants to offend anyone or make anyone feel any pain, if they can avoid it. People of this world avoid it by not saying offensive things and being politically correct. The people of the B N W avoided this pain by taking Soma, a mood altering drug that constantly makes you feel happy. Another method they used was to ban anything, like books, that made them think and alter they state of happiness. Mustapha Mond, one of the ten World Controllers, basically said that to be happy the world had to make sacrifices. This sacrifice referring to banning books and people no longer having people be free thinkers. In the B N W reality, the savage said to the world controller; "You seem to have paid a fairly high price for your happiness." Which is true, in our reality that would be a huge sacrafice but, we have not gone to an extreme and made sacrafices of not allowing people to be free thinkers, we do want people to be aware of their fellow man. In this way also, we are realizing the B N W as a reality.

The final piece of evidence, that our reality is similar to that of the B N W, is both scientific and emotional. This

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