Brave New World - Psychology Aspect Essay

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A big theme in the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is the idea of psychology as a means to control the masses and by default society. Psychology is a very broad subject that covers many opinions and ideas. We’re going to cover five psychologists who come from either the psychoanalytic or behaviorist section of psychology. These theories and beliefs they have convey the messages and ideas of control, sleep teaching, and conditioning. These ideas and opinions helped shape several bits and pieces in this novel. There are several different psychologists who discovered ideas that lead to the idea of controlling people. Most of them did not start out or even work towards the idea of controlling someone. So up first on our tour of…show more content…
Whenever the young children reached for the book, a loud noise would sound. If they went to reach for a flower, they would receive an electric shock and explosions would go off. They would do this so much that the memory of that happening would remind them for the rest of their lives not to touch a book nor a flower so they wouldn’t feel that pain again. A man who did very similar experiments to the ones they used in Brave New World was John B. Watson. He came into the time period where behaviorism was just beginning to bloom. His main focus was learning just how you could “condition and control the emotions of human subjects”. He started off doing experiments similar to Pavlov’s but unlike him, he took it a step farther. Watson began doing experiments on human subjects. Whether it was a step in the right direction is debatable. His most famous experiment is the Little Albert experiment. He gave a little boy by the name of Albert a white furry rat. He let Albert love and play and get attached to the rat. Later on, he would give the rat to Albert and when he went to touch it, Watson would play a loud sound, frightening the child. He continued this until one day he gave Albert the rat without playing a loud noise. Albert was still frightened of the rat. This is the same thing they did to the children in Brave New World to condition them to not like or want books or nature.
Now, one of the biggest psychology influenced
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