Brave New World Sex

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In Brave New World Huxley compares our world with extreme drastic measures and changes that resulted our of our mistakes and lack of willingness to make minion changes. Throughout the book you read about this society where hot topics such as children, sex, and social class have very strong set rules that often conflict with our view points of what we deem socially and morally acceptable. In the novel characters also recall the stories from the "olden days" which is the future as we know it now, and express its views on how bad or different we acted and were.
Children, the future of our world, mothers go through this stage that the book calls having a "viviparous" mother, which I'm our world is having a mother that conceives, carries, and gives birth to you. While in this society you are a product of the
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In Huxleys novel sex and being promiscuous is highly encouraged and even taught at young ages. A direct example of a completely different way of teaching children is The lessons children of 3 years of age to 6 years learn, which is "Elementary sex". Elementary sex is the promiscuous play of children, is taught and encouraged to not only the children, but to all living in this society. Hundred of Children are naked and engaging in erotic play. Parents today would think this is "crazy" and is damaging to children since kids should be covered and tight not to engage in "erotic play", and in the novel are taught that it's the norm. In the novel if children do not participate they are viewed as old, or as something is wrong for example " it just that this little boys seems rather reluctant to join in the ordinary erotic play... I'd noticed it once or twice before... I'm taking him in to see the assistant super indenting of psychology. Just to see if anything is abnormal." Pg 38, Sounds strange doesn't
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