Brave New World Themes

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Brave New World shows the themes of freedom, rights, and sacrificial happiness, goes through its in-depth emotions from the characters such as John, Mustapha, along with how a utopia can also have its drawbacks. Freedom, rights and morals are vital in our world. But in the book, it talks about the different levels of class, religion, and society. It also talks about the advantage and disadvantage of a perfect world. But in this book, Huxley is trying to tell the reader about the improvement of science and how it affects individuals emotionally and physically. In brave new world, the book explains that with the advancement of science human beings no longer produce living offspring. But they're now incubated in specially designed bottles. (Insert quote) while the fetus were made in a hatchery. And in the hatchery, they select each fetus to one out of five castes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Epsilon. When the fetuses who are “born” they are now being taking care of by the world state for conditioning. Conditioning which assigns an individual to perform a sole task based on their rank in castes. And with conditioning, they're only require to work at that rank and are incapable to work at another castes. For example, an individual who's an epsilon are destined to work as an epsilon and cannot be incapable to work as…show more content…
In brave new world, the world state abolish religion and replaced it with technology and science. During the timeline in the book, they replace A.D in short the year of your lord to A.F the year of our Ford in their calendar system. Because of the advancement of technology ford created. In the world state, they see him as a god and use technology as a form of religion so using A.F after his pioneering work and also instead of a Christian cross they use a capital T like in the Model-T one of fords inventions. In the book, instead of church, the people go to a solidarity
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