Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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Brave New World explicitly states that their society rejects people with abnormalities that make them differ from everybody else in the apparent utopian society. This is a society in which prejudice is extremely common and acceptable and at times would be encouraged among the civilians. In Brave New World, people are genetically engineered in a laboratory and categorized into five different castes, The five different castes are rendered into different magnitudes of skills and intellects, based upon how well they will be able to do in the future also how socially acceptable they will stand. In which alpha is the highest, Epsilons the lowest. The Alphas can be viewed as the geeks in school, while the Epsilons basically do the grunt work such as shoveling, and picking up trash. In their society, it is acceptable to criticize based upon looks and actions. If a person looks or acts different, the “perfect” society initiates in awkward stares and glances. Once somebody acts a little different from the norm this society spreads absurd rumors about them. In this “perfect” society civilians can only associate with the people in their same caste. On the other hand in today’s world, people tend to act the same way in regards to talking to those of the same popularity or of the same importance, so their “perfect” society is not that much different from ours in relations to the social status that humans uphold in the same manner as them, and if anything when it

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