Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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Thinking for oneself, is thinking against oneself
(Brave New World Compare/Contrast Essay) Aldous Huxley, one of the most gifted and influential literary figures of the mid-twentieth century, wrote the intriguing story Brave New World. The story focused on a perfect Utopia that existed in the future and a man from a different society that came in with what they’ve believed to be distorted ideas which went against everything the Utopia stood for and would test the very ideas on which that world represented. Their uniquely different ways of being brought up led the Savage character to have contrasting opinions to those grown inside of the Utopia characters, Lenina and Bernard. By having these separate upbringings, their opinions and ideas are formed and created in ways that contrast each other because they weren’t grown to learn certain things as the other was and some of the main themes that caused conflicts throughout the story was their contrasting beliefs towards “everyone belongs to everyone” and taking soma. Lenina is a Beta girl who was created and grown inside of the Utopia, with the Ford ways everyone in their society had to go through. She went through hypnopedia, where a voice tells you multiple things to believe and do, on a daily basis to behave the way society wanted her too. This told the people when and how to act all the time and built up the main beliefs she held, one of them being the idea that “everyone belonged to everyone”. Lenina felt that everyone

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