Brave New World vs 1984

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Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World is more relevant today than George Orwell 's 1984. Although both of the two totalitarian societies are based on plausible premises, the Utopia depicted in Brave New World still has a chance of appearing today, while the Big Brother-dominated society created by Orwell, being based to some extent on the totalitarian societies that existed at the time of the book 's inception, is simply obsolete. Brave New World remains more believable in modern times because the events that led up to the creation of Huxley 's Utopia have the greater chance of occurring tomorrow. In both novels, the birth of the totalitarian society is brought on by a catastrophic war that probably involves the entire world. However,…show more content…
The threats from totalitarian Communist governments were a major concern of Orwell. Huxley 's Utopia has no historical basis to ground it in a particular era; therefore, it is more likely than Big Brother to occur in the present. The society depicted in Brave New World is more likely to appear in modern times because it is easier for civilization to be taken over from the inside out than by the external power suggested by Orwell. In 1984, the evil regime appeared from the outside, took over, and is now waiting to crush any opposition to its rule using weapons, mind-control instruments, and Thought Police. The government that runs the Brave New World needs none of the three; it never has to suppress opposition because there can be none. The Bernard Marxes and Lenina Crownes that populate Utopia never want to resist the rules of society; thanks to the breeding and conditioning techniques of their government, they are ignorant, docile sheep. Furthermore, unlike Big Brother, Utopia does not take the pleasures of life away from people; it lets them have so much pleasure that it becomes people 's only concern, thus making existence trivial and pointless. Whatever purpose the Utopians ' existence might have had is drowned in a sea of "orgy porgies", mind-calming soma tablets, and Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy games; furthermore, the Utopians like life that way. Big Brother uses torture to subdue those who might oppose it, but Utopia controls people
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