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There are several sociological theories in the study of contemporary labor unrest. However, this essay will start off to examine the rationale of capital mobility and labor transformation processes, as a coherent point of departure. To what extent is this approach significant? A simple answer is the sociological framework of Silver (2003), which is our central focus, is in contrast with the above approaches. Therefore, it’s imperative to provide an overview of what Silver was critical about. Silver conceived that the above approaches and numerous other literatures about labor unrest and globalization comprise severe methodological ramifications. Contrary to these she states that a coherent methodology should be able to situate ways in…show more content…
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In this section, we aim to explain ways in which the conceptualization of the “race to bottom” generates different sociological interpretations. Although proponents of this thesis contradicts each other in abstractions, yet they agreed that the impact of the late twentieth century has led to what Zolberg (1995) calls an entire extinction of the social fabric, which sustains working class formation (cited in Silver, 2003:1). The most polemic explanation to this trend, however, is central to the impact of capital mobility and modifications of modern processes of a global capital accumulation; of which both ushered under the archetype of what Silver calls the “rubric of globalization” (2003). In the analysis that follows, we shall evaluate the degree to which “hypermobility of productive capital” is hyped in explicating contemporary labor unrest. To this extent, we can now turn to explore the effect of Multinational Corporations on existing labor unrest.
It has been shown that multinational corporations did enhance a thriving global job market, yet it has unleashed a terminal effect to the traditional characteristics of working class. To this extent, global workers were not only forced into frantic competition, but their most influential instrument – “barging power” has been diametrically devalued (2003:4). Buttressing this view, the

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