Braverman Health Care

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In this paper the authors are attempting to define the concepts of poverty, equity, and human rights in relation to health (Braverman 2003). This paper also proposes five general areas of focus that can be used to address poverty, equity, and human rights through health sectors. The paper also assert that poverty, equity, and human rights are connected in concept and operation leading the reader to become more aware of areas to strengthen the work need to improve poverty, equity, and human rights when related to health outcomes.
In the opening paragraph Braverman asserts that the health sector has no control over the major contributing factors of health outcomes such as education, and although true, the health sector has far more direct effects on health outcome based on its overall cost for health care. Health care expenditures have doubled between 1999 and 2009 (Auerbach 2011). Healthy People 2020 shoes that
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If governments are charged with ensuring access to health care for all its citizens, then we would not have a class in addressing health disparities. There may be some improvements needed in order to fully hold governments accountable, but it is something that will not change in the near future (Hathaway 2002). Furthermore, Braverman continues to charge the governments responsible for providing a right to health, but in reality most governments are limited in resources to address these issues. Some governments may have very dysfunctional systems in place that are not capable to provide equal health to all its citizens.
Something that can be agreed on is the emphasis on education as a means to improve health outcomes. Education is an important factor in the social determinants of health that can improve and empower individuals. Those who are educated showed lower morbidity rates and were more likely to have better health (Picker
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