Bravery And Courage In Seth Sorenson's Fablehaven

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Feature stories: Seth Sorenson is a 12-year-old male who is full of bravery and courage. His older sister is Kendra Sorenson, his mom is Marla Sorenson, his dad is Scott Sorenson, grandma is Ruth Sorenson, and his grandfather is Stan Sorenson. Seth possibly has brown hair [judging off a black and white picture] and is still alive even through all the commotion. While being full of bravery and courage he has very little patience for anything. He always wants to go, go, go, and never miss out on anything at FableHaven. He doesn’t always think things through which can cause him to be a trouble maker. While already being big hearted he takes a courage potion and decides to tango with the “fearless” revenant. He turns out to be a huge help at FableHaven because of how he saved everyone with his abnormal amount of courage. Kendra Sorenson is a 14-year-old female who is smart, but likes to play it safe. Her younger brother is…show more content…
While housing the artifact it also keeps many magical creature’s safe from the Dark side known as the Evening Stars. With an abundant number of trees and magical creatures only creatures invited may enter the preserve. Miles and miles of land with all types of creatures all come together to make one big protected community known as FableHaven. With a lake for the naiads and invincible domes for humans in danger FableHaven is extremely important. From Brownies to Fog Giants FableHaven is a sanctuary that shields magical creatures from being exposed and kill by the Society of the Evening Stars. Theme The theme of this book is bravery. All through the book both Seth and Kendra had to show extreme amounts of bravery. Fighting, rescuing, and not holding back are the things they showed the most bravery for. They both did what had to be done and succeeded. With other smaller themes like chaos, trickery, and patient’s bravery stood out to me the
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