Brawl in Mickeys Backyard Essay

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A Brawl in Mickey’s Backyard

1. What is the focal organization in this case, and what is the main issue it faces?

The focal organization in this case is SunCal. SunCal is a real estate broker that would like to develop condominiums on landing near Disneyland.

2. Who are the relevant market and nonmarket stakeholders in this situation?

Disneyland Employees – Market Stakeholder
Disneyland Visitor/Patrons – Market Stakeholder
SunCal Developer – Nonmarket
Affordable Housing Advocates – Nonmarket
Disney Employee’s Union – Nonmarket
Individuals and Groups favoring reduction of long commutes and air pollution – Nonmarket
Chamber of Commerce – Nonmarket
City Council – Nonmarket
Other resort area businesses – Nonmarket
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However, local villagers became aware of contamination and depletion of the water supply. This caused the performance-expectation gap which has caused Coca Cola fighting to maintain its reputation.

2. If you applied the strategic radar screens model to this case, which of the eight environments would be the most significant, and why?

Appling the strategic radar screens model, Geophysical would be first. Coca Cola should take into consideration their use of a natural resource and the effects that it plays on the locals surrounding the plant. Next Social Environment should be a concern; the company should have done a thorough research on the surroundings of their proposed plant and the economic situation of the area for possible problems. With the lack of water, coca cola’s role in the technological environment would be something else to consider. If the executives, with their extensive research, knew of the water situation, they could implement ways of saving water. This leads to the customer environment and ensuring knowledge of the demographics and an understanding of their social values.

3. Apply the issue management life cycle process model to this case. Which stages of the process can you identify in this case?

All of the life cycle processes can be identified. Coca Cola was able to: identify the issue of impacting the environment of the local community, analyze the issue after it was brought to
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