Braxon-Personal Narrative

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Many people have a favorite family member, one that they always spend more time with or that they are just happy to be around. Most of the time the favorite family member is a lot older, but for me, my favorite family member arrived only eighteen months ago. My one and only nephew, Braxton! The photo I chose is a simple picture of Braxton and me when I was still a senior at Georgiana high school, which would have been taken in December of last year. Braxton was exactly eight months old at the time and was just as happy as ever! He has always seen my room as his safe haven and since he had just started crawling no more than a month before this picture was taken, he would often crawl to my bedroom and sit on my shag rug in the corner of my room.…show more content…
But this particular room was my room, the crazy color combination of purple walls and lime green accent pieces reflected my wild and crazy personality. My room, neat and organized, displayed the many different stages in my life and who I was becoming as a person. My room was not only a safe haven for me to escape from the world and my very loud family. But it was also a place where Braxton could feel safe and secure too. Braxton did not mind the crazy colors or even the different things neatly displayed around my room. He just wanted a quiet place to sit for a while to escape the chaotic routine of my family. Although hidden, his favorite place to sit was on that lime green shag rug in the corner of my room. He would often sit there for a while, quietly hidden away from others, playing with his toes or the stringy texture of my rug. A lot of things have changed these last ten months. My room has been totally remodeled and I have even put away that old shag rug, but the one thing that will never change throughout time is our
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