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Braxton L. Wages
English 8
3 March, 2017

Elijah McCoy
Elijah McCoy was an African American who had may inventions that changed the world of train travel, but faced many hardships along the way. Elijah McCoy was born in Colchester, Ontario, Canada, and was later sent to Edinburgh, Scotland by his parents to study mechanical engineering, he then moved to Detroit, Michigan. Due to racism he could only get a job as a fireman or oilman on a steam-engine train. McCoy 's first invention the automatic lubricator was a revolutionary way of lubricating steam engines without having to shut them down for long periods of time which saved an enormous amount of time and effort in transportation.
And the people of Detroit have
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With the train industry growing the need for bigger trains and freight cars were a must and James J. Hill builder of the Great Northern Railroad he made this happen building trains 4 times the size of the old ones. They used a super-heated steam system that made Elijah McCoy 's first patent of the lubricating system not compatible with these newer trains. These trains were lubricated with a mix of oil and powdered graphite so that the trains parts could be lubricated properly. The problem with Elijah 's first patent is that with the new mix of graphite the lubricator would clog up. This all changed in April of 1915 when he received a patent for a new and improved lubricator in which he called "Locomotive Lubricator" with this patent he stated that it permitted the use of graphite without clogging. Hayden Cites a railroad superintendent states "We have found the McCoy Graphite Lubricator to be of considerable assistance in lubrication of locomotives equipped with superheaters. There is a decided advantage in better lubrication and reduction of wear in valves and piston rings, and as a well lubricated engine is more economical in the use of fuel, there is unquestionably a saving in fuel." When Elijah McCoy was younger his parents ran away from the United States using the underground railroad due to racism and them being slaves. Elijah McCoy and his eleven

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