Brazil: A Country of Diversity Essay

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Brazil: A Country of Diversity
Part One: Country Profile
The Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in South America. It also has the most diversity in people and in geography. The Capital is of Brazil is Brasilia (“Brazil Background”). The geography ranges from dense rain forest to sandy beaches. The majority of the people live in the southern part of the country. They have began to take advantage of their natural resources and most of their economy is extractive (“’Brazil Background’”). Brazil is the only country in South and North America that speaks the majority of Portuguese (“’Brazil.’ A”). Almost 100% of the people speak it (“Brazil-Language”). They were under the rule of the Portuguese for more than three
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The population of Brazil is 159 million with a population growth of 1.7% p.a. (“Brazil Background”). This is causes for a lot of diversity in the way of life and the people. Contrary to the fact that there are so many people, the people of Brazil speak almost exclusively Portuguese, with no dialects of Portuguese (“Brazil-Language”). Some of the only people who don’t speak Portuguese are immigrants from South Korea and Japan that have not learned it yet (“Brazil-Language”). In Brazil they have middle and upper classes that are determined by economic status and skin color (“Masterclass Brazil”). Generally those with darker skin are socially and economically disadvantaged (“Masterclass Brazil”). They are not described as being racist people, but it is evident in their culture. The middle and upper class Brazilians have little contact and interaction with those on the low classes. These people are generally maids, drivers, or other jobs like those (“Masterclass Brazil”). The women make up around 40% of the workforce, but are usually only found in lower paying jobs. The only place they are starting to get equality is in the government (“Masterclass Brazil”). The people of Brazil are direct, but they are usually relaxed and informal (“’Brazil.’ A”). They have many festivals and are often described as friendly happy people.
Became a federal republic in 1980’s which means the

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