Brazil And Its Impact On America

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Brazil is often viewed as a fun filled country, with beautiful beaches, beautiful people and fantastic soccer players. While all of these may hold true, especially the soccer part, having won 5 FIFA World Cups and also hosting the 2014 version of the event, Brazil has proven to be an emerging market with a lot of potential. Based on the East coast and stretching well into the central area of South America, the Federative Republic of Brazil, as it is officially known as, is a country made up of 26 states and it occupies almost half of the South American continent. It current capital city is Brasilia, while it also has 14 large cities with populations of over one million including Sao Paolo (12 million), Rio de Janeiro (6 million) and Salvador (3 million) (City Mayors: Largest Brazilian cities.) While in the past it has faced huge gaps in income equality, its rapidly growing economy has produced an ever growing middle-class. There are several reasons why this is History of Brazil To understand how Brazil became an emerging nation with a growing economy, we first have to look at its roots and its history. Brazil was colonized by Portuguese sailors around the beginning of the 16th century, but it has a native Indian population that dates back hundreds of years. The name Brazil actually comes from the pau-brasil, a red-wood used for making red dye. The Portuguese colonizers and Tupinamba Indians originally worked together harvesting the red-wood trees but eventually the
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