Brazil And Its Impact On America

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Brazil is located in Eastern South America and borders the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil is very comparable to the USA, being only slightly smaller in size. The economy is well-developed in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and service sectors, and it has an expanding middle class. Brazil was under Portuguese rule until it gained independence in 1822 and maintained a monarchical system of government until the abolition of slavery in 1888.
The African Diaspora is based upon a globalized notion of blackness and is a community and identity for those who identify as black and see relation between themselves and others in the Black Diaspora. Brazil ties into the African Diaspora because millions of enslaved Africans were dispersed in Brazil. Brazil was the center of the European slave trade before it gained independence in 1822. Rio de Janeiro and Bahia had more slaving voyages than any other port in all of Europe. Brazil was consistently the largest home for slaves between North America and South America. Instead of encouraging natural reproduction to increase the slave population in Brazil, masters choose to work their slaves to death and buy a new replacement because they were cheap. Four-and-a-half million enslaved Africans were taken to Brazil and even today, just 125 years after slavery was abolished, Brazil is still struggling with a form of control - sex trafficking.
The African Diaspora has created a large culture of African-Brazilians in Brazil. Many Africans did not
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