Brazil Case Study- Preventing AIDS

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Case Study – AIDS, Condoms, and Carnival
MARK 4325-002
November 12, 2014
Group: Seong-eung Lee, Patricia Ortiz Mucino, Monica Romo, Brittni Johnson.
1. Comment on the Brazilian and Indian government’s strategies for the prevention of AIDS via the marketing of condoms.
The strategies that the Brazilian government has implemented to prevent and combat AIDS via the marketing of condoms have been beyond successful. Chequer, a Health Ministry official said the Health Ministry would spend $300 million next year, distributing medicine and 250million condoms and bringing AIDS awareness campaigns to the urban slums, where the disease is most rampant. Brazil knows how crucial it is to combat this epidemic and the importance of doing it as soon as
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In both India and Brazil women are afraid to ask their partners to practice safe sex even in a society with a high rate of infidelity. As if this was not enough in India there is a popular belief that AIDS is a Western disease and in some regions of the country the local authorities are in complete denial and ignorance in regards to this growing epidemic. All these problems are not encounter in the United States where the use of condoms is widely encourage and in growing instances distributed free of charge. There is also a wide range of information about AIDS and its prevention and women in the United States take charge of their sexuality and not afraid of asking their partners to practice safe sex.
3. Would the approaches described in Brazil and India work in the United States? Why or why not?
We believe that the approaches described in Brazil to help the prevention of the AIDS disease would work in America because it would help people to realize that anyone having unprotected sex is at risk of getting the disease. By handing out free condoms in abundance at the country’s famous carnivals, Brazil’s Health Ministry is giving young people (including women) the opportunity to practice safe sex even if they are inebriated. Also, with the Brazilian law giving all residents the right to the best available drug treatment at no cost, the highly affected areas, such as the slums, have no reason not
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