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The ad “On internet, some things are not what they seem to be. Be aware and enjoy the web at its best. Know how to surf safe.” An advertisement agency in Brazil is responsible for the creation and publication of this ad. The ad is split into three online activities: internet dating, internet friendship, and internet shopping. Each activity has two pictures one with bright, happy lighting and the other is dark and gloomy. The purpose of the ad is to create awareness about what can really happen while using the internet. We never really know what is going on behind the scenes of what we do. The ad is a Public Service Announcement, therefore, it isn’t selling a product but an idea. This is a logical ad so the use of Logos is present. There is Ethos as well because the ad is very convincing and persuading about being safer when using the internet. Pathos could be present depending on how you look at the ad. The internet dating and friendship shows the bad internet users giving the good, naive internet users gifts as a form of showing caring and passion to continue to trick them. We may feel bad seeing what is going on.…show more content…
One side is bright and the other is dark. This is a good contrast with innocent and bad. As internet users, we don’t think to be careful about what we are doing especially when caught up in whatever it is we are doing. The bright picture represents the innocence and naiveness of internet users while the dark picture represents the dishonesty and corruptness that comes from people who should not be on the internet. Ad’s use colors like this to grab the reader's attention because the contrast is something people would find interesting and want to read
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