Brazil Independence Movement

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Brazilian Economic Booms through History The beginning phase of the economic boom in Brazil was in 1500. The first exported item that brought outside interest was Brazilian wood. Mainly, it was logged and exported to Northern Europe for the purpose of creating red dye for textiles. As a result of the logging industry’s rise, metal products for cutting and logging purposes were also high in demand and often traded. This attracted both Portuguese and French ships in hopes of trading metal products. This era lasted until 1550. As the logging industry was in high demand, another agricultural boom was taking place. Sugarcane became the next major export within Brazil. In 1530, as the Portuguese continued their efforts to control…show more content…
During the time of the coffee boom, another industry was beginning to rise. By the late 1930s, agricultural industries began to take a back seat to industrialization of the cities. Even as times were changing however, Brazil remained one of the world’s top coffee producers. From 1880 until roughly 1919, the Amazon rain forest became and economic attraction because of its vast resources of rubber trees. Soon, such large quantities were being exported by Europe that mass production of the resource took over in other parts of the world by European plantations which drove the costs down. The British, Dutch and French plantations of Southeast Asia soon took over the lead in this industry. Within 10 years of the rubber industries decline, the top economic boom and most self-sustaining boom for the country began. In the 1930s industrialization took over as the major economic force of the nation. As agricultural resources were no longer able to sustain a totally rural existence, the draw of jobs within factories in the cities brought many new employment opportunities for farmhands who were left out of work. The industrialization of Brazil and it’s abilities to mass produce items rather than just raw materials changed the face of the Brazilian economy. The boom continues today with the ability to change farming practices with mechanized equipment, Brazil has been one of the top food exporters in the

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