Brazil Is A Favorite Commodity Of The World

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Brazil is a main exporter of coffee, which is a favorite commodity of the world, along with other popular exports needed worldwide. When doing plenty international trade, it is essential to be aware of certain business cultures to ensure a pleasurable and successful experience and to maintain a business relationship with each other. When meeting people in Brazilian businesses or government offices, it is critical to secure an appointment at least two weeks in advance, as time is essential in the business arena. In few areas of Brazil, it is accepted by be casual concerning time and work, yet in San Paulo a strictly professional culture is implemented for business while causality is reserved for social and personal events. However, in the…show more content…
In America, a greeting consisting of a 3-5 second handshakes and maintained eye contact is adequate. Upon arrival, members of the meeting are usually offered something to drink, usually water, tea, or coffee. During business meetings in the US, maintaining eye contact is essential, because it demonstrates a person’s interest in the conversation, and their sincerity and confidence. On the other hand, in Brazil, although casual conversations start business meetings, it is imperative to never start business discussions before the host does. In order to establish robust relationships in Brazil, businesses should be prepared to commit long-term money and time. The commitment of these resources is an elemental tool for success when doing business with Brazil. Appearance is extremely vital for the American business arena. Ordinarily, businessmen wear a classic colored business suit such as black, gray or navy, with a white dress shirt for formal meetings or a pastel blue shirt for less formal meetings. Businesswomen usually wear a pant or skirt suit or dress with a jacket consisting of the timeless colors of navy, black, gray, ivory or white. The initial impression of a person leaves a lasting impression, which is why American’s stress that businesswomen and businessmen should always be neatly attired. According to Models2use, Hofstede’s cultural dimension theory is a framework for cross-cultural communication. It describes the effects of a society’s culture on the
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