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White sandy beaches, tanned skin, vibrant music and joyful people. If asked to describe Brazil in a few words, most people would most likely mention those four things, but there is much more when it comes to this diverse and amazing country. It would take me days to talk about every single detail, so I will make it short and try to point out the most important things about Brazil. Even if you are not planning on traveling to Brazil anytime soon, it is always interesting to learn about different countries, because it enriches your knowledge about different cultures, opens your mind to different possibilities, and most important, the deeper understanding of something different is what makes your life richer. For those of you who don’t know,…show more content…
But out of all of the foods, Feijoada is without a doubt the undisputed national dish. It is a recipe of thick black bean stew served with rice and a variety of pork meats. It was invented by the slaves who were brought from Africa, during colonization to work in the large estates and plantations in Brazil. The slaves would smuggle the leftover food from their masters’ houses and make a stew. Now that we went through the history, geography and culture of Brazil, I will tell you a little bit about what you should know when planning a trip to Brazil. Brazil is known for its beautiful beaches and according to Trip Advisor; some Brazilian beaches are in the top 10 travelers’ choice of 2013 ( Brazil has more than stunning beaches though. It also has famous waterfalls, known as Iguaçu Falls. These waterfalls are located in the Argentina and Brazil border and are composed of 275 drops. Besides having beautiful beaches and amazing waterfalls, Brazil also has places that resemble Europe, such as Campos do Jordao. In Campos do Jordao you will experience unique panoramic views and numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, and treetop cable swings. So as you can see, there are a huge variety of places you can visit, and things you can do in Brazil. Last but not least, there are some important events coming

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