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I am proud of being Brazilian. I love my country's culture, its diversity and its breathtaking nature. However, I am ashamed by how unequal our society is. Even though Brazil experienced an outstanding economic growth on the past years, this gains were not transmitted to us, Brazilians. The public schools still present unsatisfactory results, public hospitals remained crowded and inefficient, and public transports are, like they have always been, archaic. I dream of transforming Brazil's wealth into meaningful change to my people.
Therefore, studying Political Economy would provide me the knowledge and skills necessary to make my dream come true. As I understand how economy and politics work together, I would discover new perspectives and
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Attending lectures of important politicians and influential leaders is an unique opportunity I would only have at Georgetown. It is a way of directly getting to know the people whose decisions impact our world. After this sessions, I would surely spent the next weeks discussing with my peers the topics presented by, who knows, Malala or former president Barack Obama.
Moreover, I want to be connected to the city. I intend to be involved with community service to have a real immersion in Washington's daily life. I'm interested in the After School Kids Program. I see it as a further extension of the teaching activities I've been involved since 2014, which became a passion to me. I would also get involved with the Home Program, as homelessness is a serious issue on Sao Paulo, my beloved city. I would gain new insights on this issue, and use my experience to face this problem on Sao Paulo.
I believe that Georgetown can provide me an education which would foster my intellectual interests and propel my dreams. After living four years with an inquisitive student body, attending unique lectures (I hope that Kevin Spacey accepts an invitation for speaker again!) and immersing in Washington's community, I would be prepared to bring change to my home country, and someday, be proud of every Brazilian
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