Brazil Race Relations

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Brazil Race Relation

Brazil is one of the most visited place in the world and also one of the most diverse countries in the world. More than 75millon people of African decent live in Brazil, this makes it the second largest black population in the world. Its attracts a large number of people because of it architecture, slums and rainforest. Brazil is contradictory because its was the last country to abolish slavery but also the first to claim that it was a racial democracy. Most people might not know that Brazil has its racial problems and that it has been going on for a long time. Brazilian race relations and conceptions of race are somewhat different from the United States. In Brazil most African descendents are people live in
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In both Brazil and the U.S the whites have more advantages than the blacks. They are ensured to get a job and a decent job too. For example, if black people apply for a job in U.S or in Brazil they are most likely not to get the job because of their race or skin color. Another example is that most African descendents in Brazil and the United states live in the poorest communities and are separated from the whites. Take for example Chicago; it is has some of the most segregated communities in Chicago. In these communities there are a lot of blacks living there , just like in Brazil with the favelas. The neighborhoods in some of the United States are just like some Neighborhoods in Brazil and it is very poor and there is violence in the communities. Also Brazil and America are also alike when it comes to the way blacks are viewed and how they are looked down upon. In Brazil and United blacks were seen as ugly people and it was said that the black women were too muscular. In the wealthiest part of both the U.S and Brazil it is mostly whites that live there. for example in hotels, restaurants, television and magazine it only features white Brazilian.
Moreover there are a lot of similarity between Brazil and American but both countries are denying having thing in common which they do. Black women in Brazil and the United States both of problems with their skin color, shortness and texture of their hair,
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