Brazil : The Largest South American Country

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Having international business this semester we had a group project with a presentation on a country assigned to us and my group was assigned Brazil. In international business class we looked more at the culture of Brazil and how an American business personal should approach management and marketing in that country. Wanting to continue my research on Brazil and look closer at their economics and development, Brazil is the country I chose to do my research on as they are the largest South American country. Studying Brazil as a developing country, with it being the largest country in South America there are different parts of Brazil that have developed at different rates. Brazil’s background information for total population, GDP growth, GNI per capita and human development index are as follows. For 2014, total population was 206,077,898, GDP growth as an annual percentage was 0.1, GNI per capita using the purchase power parity and current international dollar was 15,570 (World Bank, 2014). For Brazils HDI they are ranked 75th in the world with a ranking of 0.755 in 2015, which is very high for a developing country (Human Development, 2015). With Brazil being the largest country in South America the geographical areas are important. Brazil is split up into 26 different states and those are divided up in to the five regions which include North, Northeast, Southeast, South, and Central-West. Brazil also has many neighboring countries with it being almost as large as the whole

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