Brazil : The Millennium Development Goals

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On the surface, Brazil does not appear as a country ravaged by poverty however, portions of it are; and its environmental stability is an enormous factor of this. In 2000 the United Nations concocted a plan to assist countries like Brazil; thus the Millennium Development Goals emerged. In essence, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs for short) are a set of targets set to challenge extreme poverty across the globe. As Brazil is not a ‘traditional’ country in the subject of poverty so a specific target had to be included for it to fit in with the MDGs. Target 9 includes two factors: the amount of land covered by forest and the protection of biodiversity, which pinpoint Brazil as a country in need. In Brazil, tourism and the need for lumber are dwindling both the biodiversity of the country, as well as cutting down on the area of land covered by forest. Therefore, Brazil’s ecology and demand for resources cause it to be looked at as a country in need, despite its modernization being equivalent to the rest of the world. With this being said, Brazil’s ecosystem has remained relatively unaffected by change in the last two decades. It will be challenging for Brazil to achieve the seventh Millennium Development Goal of ensuring environmental stability due its lack of a strong governmental structure, a dwindling economy, and the miniscule amount of groups assisting Brazil. The first portion of understanding why Brazil is unable to complete the MDG goal of environmental stability…
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