Brazil and China Issue Essay

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Legal Aspects Of International Trade Non-tariff Barriers to International Trade #0735817 1. In the Xia case, if the WTO were to rule in favor of Brazil, which of the WTO trade agreements would contain the justification and why? According to the case, because of the some unofficial speculations of using hazardous material in Xia's goods, that are manufactured in China, Brazil banned them to be imported to their country, until further investigation and tests, that were being performed to examine the health risks. Because of fear of other countries negligence and ban on the Chinese product, country took this issue in the WTO to be resolved. For ruling the issue or justification towards Brazil WTO will use Technical Barriers of Trade…show more content…
If all the details Xia case were presented to the WTO, the organization would have went with the ruling of the ban on Import of the goods in the country until the further investigation and tests on the toys and the material used in it, though the product was imported to many other countries but the report had been filled from one country only who had the major market share of it, WTO would hold for some time on the decision till the other countries give their view on this too. Because cannot take final decision on the basis of unofficial report as it would have been injustice with the manufacturing country as it can effect there other exporting products too. But the Chinese way of handling the situation, by banning soybeans that were mostly being imported from Brazil, could raise the questions of molding the situation by China to divert their mind from one issue to another. Taking this step in concern too, WTO can rule the official ban on the import of Xia goods i the country, as not only it was harming the environment but to the community too that includes animals and humans both. Solving this issue gives the idea that organization does not take the growth or market factor of one country, as WTO has unbiased system, without taking the concerns of GDP of size of a country. 3. In the soybean case, what was the measure adopted by the Chinese government to
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