Brazil 's Cost Of Doing Business

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To determine the cost of doing business in Brazil, its future economic status, and business practices, first we must briefly examine its geographical area, culture, and government.
Geographical Area
Brazil is located in the eastern hemisphere of South America. Its coastal shores occupy both the North and South Atlantic Oceans. It has a land mass of 3.2 million sq. miles (, one-third of which is the Amazon Rainforest (GlobalEdge). Due to an industrial and agricultural growth in the past few decades, deforestation of the Rainforest has caused a vast majority of natural resources to be lost.
Contributing to the deforestation of the Rainforest is the growth of the population, which is currently at 192,034,000. That is to say, Brazil has a diverse ethnic group comprised of Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, German, English, and Amerindian (guide.culturecrossing). Of this group, nearly 80% worship the Roman Catholic faith, in large part to European settlers throughout the centuries (
Because of their religious beliefs, Brazilians cherish the family structure and values. They believe in large families and provide help to each other on a daily basis. This belief in family values extends to the way they conduct business. Much like a courtship, Brazilians get to know their potential business partners well before doing business. They believe in interacting with the individual compared to companies, therefore, building trust is essential.
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