Brazil 's President Dilma Rousseff Stalls Betting Legislation

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Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff Stalls Betting Legislation
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has put a lid on the progress of the 671-2015 legislation that was expected to offer provisions for the regulated spots betting and fixed odds. The president killed off an attempt to legalize sports betting by vetoing 36 clauses before signing a bill that was earlier approved by the country’s senate. President Dilma fears that the bill lacks proper mechanisms to prevent possible social impact. According to Ted Menmuir, the president cited that law makers needed more time to review the context and framework of the laws. Government ministers have also supported the presidents sentiments, by stating that legislation 671-2015 was far from perfect, thus needed more time for assessment so as to help the government understand the impact of licensing sports betting and to protect consumers.

Over the past decade, online sports’ betting has exploded globally and in Brazil thanks to the improvement s in technology and growth of internet to the mass market. Different countries and territories often exhibit different approaches regarding the legality regulation of gambling, over last decades, Brazilian authorizes have taken a less proactive and restrictive approach to online gambling. However, the changes being witnessed at the global marketplace has forced the citizens and authorities in Brazil to start rethinking their strategies. Although the regulatory environment remains cloudy…

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