Brazilian Carnival : The World 's Most Notorious And Humongous Parties

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Brazilian Carnival
The word carnival comes from the Latin carne vale, or "farewell to the flesh”.The Brazilian Carnival is the most anticipated events for Brazilians and one of the world’s most notorious and humongous parties. Carnival (actually Carnaval in Portuguese) is a wild celebration of food, alcohol, music and fun. Carnival is held all over the country; celebrations differ a bit by region, but Rio de Janeiro 's celebration is the most popular, drawing crowds of 500,000 foreigners annually from across the globe. It 's held annually for a few days before the start of Lent, the 40-day period of fasting, abstinence and repentance that 's observed by the Roman Catholic Church before Easter.However, the Brazilians morphed it into a version uniquely their own over time, adding in elements from the people 's African and indigenous cultural backgrounds. Thus, Carnival in Brazil eventually incorporated lots of parades, elaborate costumes, music, dancing and balls. A tradition also developed where people dress up in opposing roles: men dress as women, aristocrats dress as commoners, the poor dress as the rich. The Brazilian carnival has a deep history from around the world, tons of culture mix throughout, and so many events to explore. The Brazilian Carnival has a deep history that comes from around the world. It is the world’s largest party but, the origins of the celebration come from Africa and Europe religions. The carnival was originally to some a Greek spring

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